Andy Jacobsen in Joe's ValleyBouldering

Bouldering is a style of rock climbing without a rope, generally over pads. Bouldering is climbing stripped down to it’s simplest form. With no rope or even a partner necessary bouldering offers amazing freedom to either wander into the woods alone or pad out a highball project with a large group of friends. Power, strength, and technique are king as bouldering focuses on short sequences of difficult moves.  In addition to being fun, bouldering is a great training tool to improve as a climber.  At The Mine Bouldering Gym you will find entertaining and interesting boulder problems of all difficulties. The route setting crew works hard to ensure high quality problems that will challenge you physically and mentally.  The setting crew resets one section per week so there are always fresh problems to get on.


One of the appeals of bouldering is simplicity.  You can head out and have an amazing day of bouldering with just your climbing shoes, chalk bag and pad.

At The Mine we require that you wear climbing shoes while climbing. If you do not have climbing shoes they are available for rent or sale at the front desk.