Climbing Prices

We offer many options to accommodate even the busiest of schedules!
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Day passes

$16.75 adult single day pass

$12 youth single day pass (5- 14)

$8 toddler single day pass (4 and under)

$4 / day for shoe rental

Punch Passes

$67 five day punch card (adult)

$110 ten day punch card (adult)

$51 five day youth punch card (under 14)

$93 ten day youth punch card (under 14)

Month to Month Membership  — Electronic Fund Transfer

(+$35 one time set-up fee per person)

$65 individual (over 14)

$85 family ($65 for first person, $20 for second person)

$10 youth added by family (under 18)

$100 household ($65 for first person, $35 for second person)

$25 household add-on (each additional person, after the second)

$45 youth (under 18)

Six Month Membership  — Paid in Full

$379 individual ($63 per month)

$540 couples ($45 per month per person)

$100 / family member after couple

One Year Membership  — Paid in Full

$699 individual ($58 per month)

$1000 couples ($44 per month per person)

$200 / family member after couple

One Month Membership  — Paid in Full

(No commitment and no set-up fee)

$79 individual

$139 couples ($69 per person)

$50 / child for members who add them (under 18)

$65 youth

Memberships Include:

Unlimited climbing

Unlimited cardio and fitness equipment use

Unlimited yoga and fitness classes

One free day pass per month – Bring a friend

Other membership details

Month to month memberships must be purchased with a debit or credit card – no cash or check.

The membership automatically renews each month on the first day of the month, and you can cancel at any time, but we require a 30 day cancellation notice for the month to month membership.

In order to qualify for the ‘couples pricing’ you must be living at the same address,  married or in a domestic partnership.

Freeze your membership for $10 a month for up to three months.