Climbing Shoes

At The Mine Bouldering Gym, we offer Scarpa and MadRock climbing shoes for sale. Listed below are the shoes we have in store, but if there is another shoe or size you are looking for, let us know and we’ll get it for you!


Reflex 2015 – $109.00
Hook-and-loop closure, a full Flexan midsole for durability and a bit of support, but sticky rubber and enough sensitivity for performance. 5.10 one afternoon, a few pitches of 5.6 in the alpine the next, the Reflex is game for whatever you throw at it.



38     38.5     39.5     40     40.5




41     41.5     43




Vapor V 2014 – $119.19
The Vapor V utilizes Bi-tension active randing, which focuses power on the toes, rather than cramming your toes painfully forward, giving immediate performance with less tension. These active rands are tensioned in ways in which the shoe stores and releases energy as the foot makes the movements crucial to climbing. Think good edging, confidence, small holds, and delicate moves.

shoes vapor wWomen’s

37     39.5




Vapor V RockshoesMen’s

39     40




Vapor V 2015 – $159.00
Precise, versatile, and a best seller – the Vapor V opens 5.15 performance to the masses, with an asymmetric and slightly downturned fit and Bi-Tension randing. The result? Power and precision, married to a stretch-gusseted airmesh tongue for comfort and Vibram® XS Edge rubber. Sticky, energized, comfortable shoes for anything steep, indoors or out.

shoes vapor 15wWomen’s

37.5   39.5    40   40.5




shoes vapor 15mMen’s

42     42.5





Mad Monkey – $39.99
We’ve upgraded our ever popular Mad Monkey with two rear closure straps for even more size adjustability. Our new dual closure system prevents straps from scratching delicate ankles when cinching down for a tighter fit. The Mad Monkey is perfect for little climbers who’s feet still growing.

shoes monkeyKids’

11     12     13     1     2     3



M5 – $57.75
With a little wider platform than the shark, the M5 is designed for both performance and comfort. The concave sole features our flat sole design for optimal overhanging grabbing, it also creates a sharper edge for standing on tiny holds and ledges.  Great for Bouldering, Sport, Competition, Crack Climbing and the Gym.

shoes m5Sizes





Shark – $65.45
The Arch Flex provides an aggressive but comfortable fit that gives the shark an unparalleled level of performance.  The elastic property in our R2 formula hugs and locks your foot in to place without the pain associated with other high performance shoes.

shoes sharkSizes

8.5     10.5



Drifter – $69.00
Don’t let this shoe’s looks fool you. Having climbed grades up to V15, the Drifter proves an astonishingly great value. By steering clear of some of Mad Rock’s more technical features, this wallet friendly classic puts competition on it’s wake. Mad Rock now features a Red version of the classic Drifter!

shoes drifterSizes

5     5.5     7     7.5     8     8.5

9     9.5     10



Flash – $84.99
The Flash’s blend of comfort, durability, and performance has lead to its embrace by multitude of climbers. The traditional leather upper has been completely replaced with 100% Synflex, a synthetic stretch material, to offer performance while maintaining a consistent plush fit. An everlasting poly-carbonate midsole give the Flash 2.0 a consistent and predictable flex through out the life of the shoe.

shoes flashYellow

3.5     4     5     5.5     6     6.5

7     7.5     9     9.5     10.5



shoes flash orOrange

3     3.5     4.5     5     5.5

7     7.5     8     8.5     10