Climbing Shoes

At The Mine Bouldering Gym, we offer Scarpa and MadRock climbing shoes for sale. Below are the models that we stock in the gym. We can special order any model and size from Scarpa and have it here in 2-3 business days.


Boosters – $180.00

If primates had evolved with sticky rubber on their feet, you and I would’ve been born wearing the Booster S. Sensitive, light, and supple, the Booster S is a softer version of the Boostic – it’s designed for steep bouldering, wicked gym sessions, and anything overhanging. Tri-Tension Active Randing concentrates power and focus in the toebox and SCARPA’s fit stays precise for the life of the shoe. Pull it on and evolve into the Booster S.

shoes boosters








Vapor V 2015 – $159.00

Precise, versatile, and a best seller – the Vapor V opens 5.15 performance to the masses, with an asymmetric and slightly downturned fit and Bi-Tension randing. The result? Power and precision, married to a stretch-gusseted airmesh tongue for comfort and Vibram® XS Edge rubber. Sticky, energized, comfortable shoes for anything steep, indoors or out.

shoes vapor 15wWomen’s





shoes vapor 15mMen’s

Origin 2016- $89.00

The starting point in our climbing career is of fundamental importance. It gives rise to the genetic building blocks that shape our climbing lives. The Origin offers a lush leather upper, giving a feeling of padded luxury that is rarely found in a shoe aimed at encouraging people to start climbing. The flat profile and relatively relaxed randing ease the climber’s feet into a cocoon of comfort. The hook-and-loop closure keeps the foot snug and well positioned during use. The Origin introduces SCARPA’s Vision rubber, a proprietary compound that is both sticky and resilient to all the conditions that new climbers feet will experience.

shoes origin


shoes origin W



Mad Monkey – $39.99
We’ve upgraded our ever popular Mad Monkey with two rear closure straps for even more size adjustability. Our new dual closure system prevents straps from scratching delicate ankles when cinching down for a tighter fit. The Mad Monkey is perfect for little climbers who’s feet still growing.

shoes monkeyKids’

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Momentum – $89.95

Built around a flat, climbing-specific last, these shoes allow your toes to lie in a neutral position. That makes them more comfortable for beginners who are new to the sport, but they’re also great for experienced climbers who want to keep their shoes on throughout a long day at the gym.

shoes momentum


shoes momentum W


shoes momentum Kids



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