Route Setters

At The Mine we understand that route setting is the key to having a good time and getting stronger while climbing indoors.  We set routes of all difficulties and styles. From technical test-pieces to fun jug hauls, there is something for everybody.

We reset one section of the gym every Wednesday. Routes stay up for 8 weeks giving climbers enough time to project a route yet still providing 20 fresh new routes each week.

Meet our setters:

Andy Jacobsen (AJ)

  photo 2 If Andy had his way he would be on an endless road trip chasing granite, sandstone and good temps. Instead he lives a slightly more realistic dream of running a climbing gym. Andy designed and built The Mine. Now he gets to enjoy the fruits of his labor by setting and climbing on our awesome walls. Andy enjoys setting routes that require thought and solid footwork, not just fingers of steel.




Luke Turkington (LT)

DSC_0099Luke has been setting at The Mine for over a year, and has become a very strong part of the setting crew. Luke’s routes always flow nicely and engage the climber with interesting and challenging movement. He sets all kinds of routes that vary from powerful and dynamic, to technical and balanced. When Luke is not setting or coaching, he can often be found outside projecting routes in LCC and BCC.