Yoga Classes



MONDAY 7:00pm New TEACHER starts FEBRUARY 26th

“Power Flow”

Instructor: Sarah Woodward

Description:  This intermediate vinyasa flow will challenge your strength, flexibility, and balance through a series fast motions and long pose holds. The integration of breath and movement will encourage depth in poses, as well as a meditative mindset. This class will help you feel grounded after a stressful Monday and ready to power through the rest of the week!

6pm (Will Return Spring 2018)
“Slow Flow”
Instructor: Tina Nardi
Description:  Start the week off right with this Slow Flow class. We will creatively move through poses, tapping in to your inner strength to build heat. Focusing on opening the hips, chest and shoulders, this class is open to all abilities.

 TUESDAY 8:00pm


Instructor: Becky Gedmin

Description:  Connecting Movement, Breathe and Meditation.

Pranayama, the formal practice of controlling the breath, lies at the heart of yoga and is pivotal in developing the mind. We will practice pranayama techniques in a way that is accessible to all yoga practitioners. Join Becky in calming the nervous system and regulating the mind


 WEDNESDAY 6:30pm **90 min class

“Hatha Fusion”

Instructor: Victoria Slagel

Description: Where the traditional meets the playful, enjoy being gently guided through an hour long practice where alignment and healing is the ultimate goal. This class introduces intermediate yoga postures, deep breathing, mindfulness, and listening to the body.


 THURSDAY 7:30pm

***WILL BE OFFERING 8 LIMBS of YOGA  starting Jan. 11th for 16 weeks. Don’t worry you can attend the class anytime and fit right in to the practice.

“Conscious Flow”

Instructor: Ashley Lauren Brown

Description:  Conscious flow is a class taught from the heart. Expect a sincere intention and an opportunity to leave your mind at the door as your treat yourself to an hour of living in the present. Asana sequences are developed to enhance rock climbing by breathing through sensation, building core strength, and practicing balance. Each dynamic flow incorporates strength building and restorative stretching.


Friday 6:30pm  

“Grateful Hour”

Instructor: Sarah Woodward

Description: Come ready to release the stress of the work week and recenter before a fun-filled weekend. During the Grateful Hour, we will practice an intermediate vinyasa flow that welcomes yogis of all levels. We will build heat, explore re-energizing and restorative poses, and end with a short meditation…all while rocking out to our favorite Grateful Dead hits!