Yoga Classes


Monday at 6pm

Wednesday at 7pm

Thursday at 12pm 


“Slow Flow”

Instructor: Tina Nardi

Description:  Start the week off right with this Slow Flow class. We will creatively move through poses, tapping in to your inner strength to build heat. Focusing on opening the hips, chest and shoulders, this class is open to all abilities.


 “Hatha Basics & Beyond”

Instructor: Becky Richter

Description:Geared towards beginners, as well as those students looking to reinforce the fundamental practice of asana (posture) and pranayama (breathing). We will work to build energy, calm the nervous system, and focus the mind.


“Conscious Flow”

Instructor: Ashley Lauren Brown

Description:  Conscious flow is a class taught from the heart. Expect a sincere intention and an opportunity to leave your mind at the door as your treat yourself to an hour of living in the present. Asana sequences are developed to enhance rock climbing by breathing through sensation, building core strength, and practicing balance. Each dynamic flow incorporates strength building and restorative stretching.