Yoga & Fitness



The Mine is not just a climbing gym. We offer a wide variety of yoga & fitness classes because we understand that together, climbing, yoga and cross training have synergistic benefits.

Common climbing injuries occur from insufficient rest time, improper warm-up, lack of flexibility and the failure to activate the antagonist muscles. A great way to improve climbing and reduce the risk of  injuries is to incorporate cross training and good stretching into your routine. That is why yoga and climbing are such a good match. Yoga strengthens your core, improves balance, improves flexibility and teaches you to control your breathing, all of which make you a better climber. It also helps activate and strengthen the muscles that do not get used very often when climbing regularly.

In addition to yoga, cross training builds strength and endurance which creates better stamina and an ability to climb longer and more challenging routes. Whatever your goals may be, our yoga and fitness classes will help you achieve them!