Youth Climbing Programs

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The Mine Climbing Teams:

The Mine Climbing Team (MCT) is for youth climbers who are serious about becoming better climbers and have a desire to compete in climbing competitions.  The MCT consists of three different levels for different ages and abilities. The Mine Climbing Team is a commitment! Contact for more information regarding competitive teams.

The Mine Pro Climbing Team (PRO):

Ages: 8-18

Tryouts are required

This is The Mine’s elite level competitive team and requires a strong commitment to competitive climbing. If selected for The Mine Pro Climbing Team, you will be expected to attend 3 practices per week and make arrangements to make up any missed practices with a coach. Participation on the Pro Team will also require a USA Climbing membership (not included). You will be expected to compete in at least 3 local level bouldering competitions as well as our regional (USAC Region 301) championship competition. Competitions will require travel throughout Utah and possibly to neighboring states. If you advance to the Divisional or National level, further travel could also be required.

The Mine Competitive Team (COMP):

Ages: 8-18

Tryout or coach recommendation

This is our primary competitive team which practices twice a week and travels throughout the state for competitions. The Comp Team is for serious climbers of all ages who would like to either begin or continue competing in rock climbing events. Training focuses on intermediate and advanced climbing techniques, building strength and endurance on and off the wall as well as competitive strategy and mental preparedness. Members are highly encouraged to compete in at least 2 local level bouldering competitions and have the option of competing in our regional championship competition.

Tryouts for The Mine Climbing Team’s 2017/2018 competition season, will be held September 8th & 9th for new team members. For current PRO/COMP members contact Dayton beforehand to schedule a tryout. If you are interested in one of our competitive programs, please email


Recreational Youth Climbing Team:

For all questions, comments, concerns please contact

Ages 8-up

Open schedule: Monday-Thursday 5:00-6:30pm

Due to customer feedback, we are excited to offer an open climbing schedule to fit your family’s needs. Each member of this team will be required to choose two days per week between Monday and Thursday that works best for them. Once you have specified the two days that work for your schedule, you will be required to stick to those days on a monthly basis.

The Youth Teams are a great way for kids looking to become better climbers in a noncompetitive environment.  The teams provides a great atmosphere for kids to take their climbing to the next level.  Coaches will focus on teaching beginner and intermediate techniques as well as how to train properly to become stronger climbers. Youth Teams are a great stepping stone to The Mine Climbing Team.

Mini Miners:

The Miner’s Club is a great intro class for beginners and intermediate climbers alike. Kids will learn the basics of climbing techniques as well as learning how to safely climb in a indoor environment. Along with climbing, they learn how to tie into harnesses and climb on a rope. This is a great introduction for younger kids to build the confidence and strength needed for climbing


Age 4-6 yrs old 



Ages 6-8yrs old

Tuesday and Thursday 4:00pm-5:00pm


Friday Club: 

An evening  to climb with friends and certainly have fun! The focus is having a good time, progress, and socializing with friends.

Ages 9-up

3:30-5:00pm or 4:00-5:30pm