Youth Programs and Camps


 The Mine Bouldering Gym offers climbing teams and seasonal camps for children of all ages and abilities.

Winter Camps take place periodically throughout the winter and are for climbers of all ages and abilities.

Our summer camps will begin in June with week-long half-day sessions. These camps will be offered throughout the summer. If you are not sure you or your child can commit to the whole week, we offer a daily drop in if space is available.

Half Day Summer Camps Level 1: The half day camp is a great stepping stone into the world of rock climbing! It is a 5 day camp, held for 3 hours each day. During this camp, kids will learn the basics of balance and movement in bouldering, have the opportunity to connect the mind and body during a yoga class, and play games to implement the things they learn. One session will be spent with the coaches of the Utah Olympic Park jumping on trampolines and ski ramps into the pool.

Half Day Masters Summer Camps : Prerequisite Summer Camp Level 1. The Level 2 Masters camp is a 5 day in depth program that covers all aspects of rock climbing.  This camp includes an in-depth exploration of rock climbing with an emphasis on movement and technique. Campers will also learn the basics of ropework.  Tying knots, climbing on a rope, lowering on a rope and belay techniques as well a yoga class, and a trip to the Utah Olympic Park.

The youth climbing teams are early afternoons throughout the school year. We offer classes for all ages and abilities. Classes are once or twice a week, and focus primarily on improving the kids’ climbing skills, strength and technique.

Miner’s Club:  The Miner’s Club is a great intro class for beginners and intermediate climbers alike. Kids will learn the basics of climbing techniques as well as learning how to safely climb in a indoor environment. Along with climbing, they learn how to tie into harnesses and climb on a rope. This is a great introduction for younger kids to build the confidence and strength needed for climbing.

Youth Miners: The Youth Miners has two classes based on age and experience. These classes are an hour to an hour and a half, providing more time to climb, ask questions, and learn more about technique. Kids put their own skills to work by constantly pushing one another through games and friendly competition.

Competitive Team: The Competitive Team is for youth up to 18 years who have an interest in further improvement and competitive climbing. Focus is not only on climbing, but also balance, technique, opposing muscle strength, and total body and mind conditioning. The kids have the opportunities to compete and potentially advance to Regional, Divisional, and National level bouldering competitions.