Summer Masters Climbing Camp

2016-01-05 16.53.42 (Prerequisite: Summer Climbing Camp 1)

Half-day Camps (Ages 8 and up) $165

We are excited to offer a Summer Camp for experienced climbers looking to take the next step in their climbing. The Masters camp will be tailored to kids with previous climbing experience. The coaches will focus on teaching climbing techniques, but strength and flexibility training will also be emphasized. The camp will also cover ropework; belaying, rappelling and tying knots. For kids interested in climbing outdoors, the coaches will cover the basics of bouldering and roped climbing outdoors, the hazards involved and how to practice a leave-no-trace ethic. This will be a climbing intensive camp. To get the most out of the Masters Camp participants are encouraged to be climbing at least once a week in the weeks leading up to the camp so that their hands, body and mind are ready to go. Everyday will involve climbing except for Wednesday when the group takes a break from climbing and goes to the Utah Olympic Park to work on balance and coordination jumping on trampolines and water ramps.

Morning camp- 9am-12:00pm
Afternoon camp- 1:00pm-4:00pm

Aug 7-11

Masters Climbing Camp Registration


Refund Policy:

Things come up – we understand. If you need to cancel your camp reservation, please try to do so as far ahead of time as possible.
Cancellation more than 2 weeks prior to the start date will require a $35 cancellation fee.
Cancellation between 1 and 2 weeks prior to the start date will require a $50 cancellation fee.
There will be no refunds for a reservation cancelled within 1 week of the start date.